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Spent Wednesday going on a quick tour with O, my lovely colleague when working for BK. One of the most pronounced difference between us (except that he's a beautiful shade of Ebony, and I'm a pasty Ivory - in good light and kind eyes. In the eyes of others, just pasty) is our perception of time. The thing was to meet up at Putney Bridge at 10, and then go together to Richmond. This of course meant I'm there half an hour early, smoking my ciggies, getting a coffee at the cafe in the church (very nice place, comfortable couches, only minus is the army of mums and their anklebiters) . O rolls in about half past, meaning I'm basically maxing up on my caffeine levels something horrid and even resorting to reading Elle and other fashionista propaganda where the airbrushing is amazing, for over an hour. Its the same when we meet B as well. I'm there half an hour early, B comes in spot on the dot, O arrives half after. we're a good balance to each other no doubt :)

We'll be getting our other work on the way first, where we now are booked up until Sunday night, Monday I'm gonna drag Love out to do a round of walking the areas we got. At least we get out from behind the computers :P
Anyway, another picture of my window. Can you tell I love them (they are probably featured in about half the posts. But hey, if you've got an apartment where you can barely turn around without bumping your hip, you do need to love something about it right) Currently I'm sitting with stuff up to my knees. Love does not understand how my desk can become such a mess so quickly, but he does (thankfully) undertand that I would not be able to work without 20 cm of papers, scribbles, phones and assorted biscuits and books as wrist guards while I'm typing. Actually found a book I borrowed from the library, read half way thrue and then used as support. Cant even remember the bugger. Will just return it without finishing. Since i cant remember it couldn't have been that good right? Anyway, good things Love is so understanding. Oh.. and Loves desk, if you were wondering, is pristine... Its amazing.. you can see several square meters of IKEA's finest desktops. Sometimes I sneak over and sit in his chair when he's not watching. Just to know what it feels like ... Its very strange..

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