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I've still got to get to bed. It's 2 am. And the way it looks right now I'm going to be able to do a realistic impression of the living dead tomorrow when, without a doubt, DHL will arrive with our new scanner at.. oh.. 8 am?

8 AM... in my book (a very thin and thumbed book.. with its back torn and quite a few pages missing) that is to f***ing early. Ofcourse i'll have to state a written appologie tomorrow when it turns out that they arrive at a nice and normal hour (around what others deem lunchtime) and we've been waiting like children on christmas eve. Might as well cut out the middleman, and the extra post tomorrw (today?) and say, Sorry DHL, I don't hate you, your lovely ppl and do a great service. But for right now, knowing I'll be a cranky bitch tomorrow I'll just hate you a liiiitle bit more.

Oh and for anyone that might actually give a flying damned. The two little fox cubbs living in our garden ( say our.. but its a bit like beeing a five year old again, its all "look but don't touch" since it belongs to our neighbours downstairs. We've got absolutely nothing to do with it except watch it from the bedroom window. Oh and to share the pain of having a very vocal fox family living underneath our window) are very well and very boisterouse. The whole family seems to be doing well actually (can't speak for Mr Fox though. After a wirlwind romance he seems to have decided to look for other entertainment than two kids.. or maybe he just got work outside our burough.. hmm.. ) and they actually come out in full daylight to play and scamper around.

Since we have our lovely telescopic lense we abused the memorycard, and now we are the proud owners of 101 high res pixies that depicts the living and loving of the Rural London Fox Family. Also known as "Shutuppyoufu**ingbastards" at 3 am.

Small family photoalbum below:

Mother Fox...

Also known as Foxy Mamma

-"now.. Terror of my heart. Go right.. Keep your tail down

.. Pain, lay still so that your brother gets this right"

-"buuuuut mooooom"

-"put your paws to it pupp, tail down and stalk like I told you to!"

Pain- "okej.. i'll count to.. eh... 5.. ready? onnnnneeee.. and ooone.."

Terror - "lay still mom, he wont find me... "

Foxy Mamma thinking "just another couple of months of this.. just another couple of months.. "

Stalking his brother from the rondendordondondon (when are you suppose to stop the "don-don" part when spelling that word???) bush thats called home for these guys.

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