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Death to the tomato (0)

Sunday, May 03, 2009 by , under , ,

death to the tomato..

Beeing a freelancer sometimes have a bit of a suck to it.
Like when you have not been paid for the last couple of weeks, so your living off pasta springled with chopped tomato and onions.

There. Right at that moment.
Your life sucks to the point of moving a football thru a hosepipe.. .

You would have thought the risk of scurvy in the 21 century would be pretty low, but oh nooo..

I've moved from wordpress to thoughts, and sheadding my native language (swedish if anyone is wondering) to the queens, possibly the one standing on the corners, english. anyway, the first nagg will be posted in a couple of seconds, and we'll see how it works from there.

oh, and I've been without a ciggarette for over 24 hours now. Do not expect anythign nice on this blogg for the next couple of weeks ;)

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