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Sunday, September 06, 2009 by , under ,

So today I did another one of my goregouse displays of clumbsyness... it was beutifull. Managed to twist my left ankle while rearanging my right knee so that it now has the generall likeness of a cantaloupe... Meaning ofcourse that today I kissed tarmac again. God I hate it when that happens. And to me sadly it happends with startling regularity. Specially on the sidewalks of London that are plagued with tilting stone tiles and horrible cobbled stones.. (allthough i've been known to snuggle up to gravel in Sweden too).

Main problem is that since I have a problem with my joints they are not as firm as you'd like. So even a little bit of unblanace makes them just release their grip, enjoying their freedom for a while and ends up putting me to the ground. Not as much fun as it sounds really.

Anyway, so now my right knee is blossoming into a lovely shade of red and purple, while my left ankle decides to send messages of hate and distruction everytime I step on it (I've been mostly stuck to my bed for the last day or so, getting used to my pascha-like existence where I can ask and will recieve just about anything from Love.. okej, so the deal is not as bad as it sounds, but it aint funny either!)

Have no checked my e-mail and will now crawl back to bed, and hope it all goes away untill tomorrow. Any takers on that bid?

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Lady P on 8 September 2009 at 23:30

snuggling the gravel - where do you come up with this stuff!!! i am one to always find the larger stone in the road to trip over myself, so when hiking with my brother this past weekend, i walk with great care, which makes him think i am so old lady who doesn't enjoy nature anymore - just so untrue! i just am a little wonky on me feet is all


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