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Friday, September 04, 2009 by , under ,

... just never work out huh?
we ended up with sleeping in this morning, and since I did the mistake of turning on my computer (I'm on automatic in the morning, no matter when I wake up) I ended on taking on work and we decided that the day off will have to wait. Not a bad thing as such, since we do live for work and we need it, but still..
I'm having a slight starbucks withdrawl syndrom, my empty hand clawing in the air after a sugerloaded and frothy latte.. grrr..
Our walkabout instead went the short round to the library, where I realized, standing amongst to many books and too many choices, just how much Love does to make me happy.
He remembers my favourite autors, does his best to remember if i've allready read or bought a copy of any of the afformentioned athors (its quite a long list) and he then does his very best to find stuff that I'll like.
It could possibly also be said that he just wants a big of peace and quiet from the eartugging, snuggle mauling and general full body tackling that I concider to be signs of affection, since when I'm in a book I'm practically incommunicato.. but still. Its sweet..
So, 10 min walk to the library, getting the surivival kit for today (CC light and some peanuts for snacks) and back to work it is.
Walkabout will be done some other day.
And long before that happens Love will be rewarded for making every other man on the planet look bad (my brother actually agrees on this, since he's had to listen to my sister in law going "why can't you ever do that for me?".. Allthough he only promises to hurt Love, not award him anything... wonder why.. *grins*)

Now then, back to work. atleast now i've got some really cool projects to keep me busy over the weekend :)

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3 Reply to "the brest laid plans of mice and men.."

A Peoples' Photographer on 4 September 2009 at 08:48

Sounds like you have a Gem! Your love puts me to shame.


Madz on 4 September 2009 at 09:11

I sure do :)
Then again I seriously doubt that the Dutchess would live with anything less, but she just might prefer one in a different colour (wow, i'm really hitting the slushly poetry limit at this point :D)

Besides, you two have one kid and one on the way.. I seriously doubt that Love will be able to remember books (I sure as hell wont) once we've gotten on the baby-train and hassling with night feedings and other brain numbing sleep deprevation like activities ;)
Now go give Dutches a big wet smootch, possibly a shoulder rubb, a cuppatea and reap the rewards :)


Lady P on 8 September 2009 at 23:41

love the artwork - you are multitalented - but , i knew that


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