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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 by , under ,

My nef Flipp (philip really... he's allready god a nick-name though). I'm getting updates and all but I've still got to meet him. The poor mite got my brothers pointy ears (i've always claimed him - my brother, that is - to be a changeling, this just proves it!) and bubbly apple cheeks, a very small copy of the baby brother I tried to kill for the best part of my first 10 years. (didnt work, my mum has reflexes like a fox). He's also been blessed with my lovely sister in laws temperament so this one will be a little warrior for sure :D

We've been working our proverbial tails (wouldent it be cool to have a real one?) off, but we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and its not a train this time! Wohoo! that beeing said we must have the best job in the world since we get to do stuff we like.I only wish we got more sleep. Right now i'm at the end of another 24 hour rush, and i'm heading of to headbutt the pillow into submission in an hour or so. Sleep will never have been this good ever. At least tomorrow i'll join the world of the living (and function like a normal *cough* human beeing) during normal office hours again. This week has run away, wearing those magical seven mile boots (is there any english version to that fairytale? or is it swedish and not a single person except for the family will get that reference?) anyway, half way through the week and all is well.
Cherrios (tomorrow they'll be served with milk and a cuppa PG tips) and take care, over and out.

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