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Saturday, September 26, 2009 by , under ,

... It's now.. Uhm..
3 am. Tomorrow we've still got a good size work to do (I'm the perpetual time optimist) ergo: I'm sleep deprived again.
Or will be properly so tomorrow. Might be able to get a small sleep in though. Depending if my neighbour does not start the circle saw again like he did to day.. He did not win any browniepoints this morning. So between the dimwitts (yes, its happend again) that call on our door at 2 am yesturday, to go up to our neighbour, and the neighbour downstairs, we're in a good size dum-dum sandwitch.. :7
Anyway, gonna stop complaining. As soon as the guys we're working for have launched their websites i'll give you some nice eyecandy (if I may say so myself) to have a oogle on. Now I'm gonna try to hunt down those elusive ear plugs I bought.
Night Night all

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