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the truth is out there... (2)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009 by , under , ,

Found this by the beergarden at the Ale House, in Brighton.. Now aint that just the truth? ...

I very much enjoyed mine..
We've just spent an hour rearanging the house, meaning we now are back to having our work stations out in the living room. The floors are vacumed, we've got wash haning over every concievable surface (and then some) and we're back to an ordered life style.. except for the bedroom, but thats for tomorrow, need to go through the paperwork and all the little cryptic post-its i've been leaving myself on my desk.. or behind my desk.. or under the bed (for some reason) .. Who ever said that housewifes have it easy should be either put through a spring cleaning or shot on the spot. I'm sweaty, im dusted, and I'm currently carrying a deep loathing for the vacum cleaner.. and all the flipping spiders we've got living in the rafters. I have no idea how they get in here but there's a endless supply of them.

Anyway, i'm gonna get back to work now and enjoy the view (my desk is right by the window.. meaning I can now sit and enjoy the view of the street. woha.. be still my beating heart.. :)

have a lovely day everyone.

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2 Reply to "the truth is out there..."

Lady P on 8 September 2009 at 23:27

if i could, i would run and jump and say enormously silly things in front of your window to distract you and incite the worst type of thoughts about us americans -
immmmm baaaaaccckkk! and i wish i had another few days of blissful trees and camping gear
talk to you more tomorrow


Lady P on 10 September 2009 at 12:03

i think we must have the same diet of knuckle sandwich - but luckily, i am not in my fuzzy slippers and feeling ill ( i, mean, in reality who wouldn't if that knuckle meat is all we were eating!!) i need to find work, and it is dismal, and i don't want to work for someone else, and the list goes on and on = but, ah wel, if it wasn't for that, all would be quite well with m world, so there
glad to be back to chat - though i miss the dark fellow and the smell of campfire in the morn


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