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frying and battering... (2)

Monday, November 30, 2009 by , under , ,

I had a computer crash - the kind where you have your hardrive fried, battered and then served up for prosparity- about a year ago. Ended up paying (worth every penny!) 120 something pounds to the lovely guys at Fulham computer Heroes (will find their real name sometime and give them the cread they deserve) for them to save all my images and files and .. well, life to be honest. If I loose my computer I loose not only the will to live but the means to do so as well. So when my computer had a little hickup a couple of seconds ago I reacted as any card-carrying nerd would, I'm now sitting and waiting for safety copy to be done and dusted. And since I cant do anything with my work files since they are beeing processed I'll just spend some time in here, updating people on the mundane reality of my life. Computer computer computer :)
Winter is comming to London though. Now that we're back at actually putting our feet outside the house and walking atleast 2 hours aday again (cheap therapy! ) I'm quickly realizing that my lovely - and worne as close to oblivion as humany possible without creating negative space and sucking the world into a black hole - summer shoes are no longer accepted from my toes point of view (from far down and freezing that is.. the point of view I mean) So now we're back to having to find matching socks again. Buggerit .. I need to invest in simple one-coloured socks again. I have a small addiction to "cute socks"... Since I can't afford (and I'm also biologically unable to.. chubby wide feat do not get to wear fancy girly shoes) a shoe fetish I'm doing the budget variety and buying socks. All colours, varieties and if possible some kind of cute image on there and its mine. This however turns laundry days into the memory game from hell.
Anyway, will stop bitching about laundy (need to do some tomorrow again) and get back to the weather (a very english topic i've noticed) It is cold. As in "pretend your a dragon cos white smoke is comming out of your mouth" kind of cold. WE LIKE!!!!
Nothing better than going out for a good hour at night stalking (or shuffling) around the streets of notting hill and getting your cheaks (the facial type people) all pink and tingly before getting back home to a toasty apartment and dunk a cuppa down while settling down to work. Or in my case, settling down to safety copying.
hope you are all well out there and that life is sweet. I'm gonna get me some more PG tips and spend another half hour wathing the "compleation bar" for the safety thinge. Simple pleasures of life!

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working and nodding my head along... (0)

Saturday, November 21, 2009 by , under ,

Colin Hay – Walk Amongst His Ruins

funny man, working while letting him have a round on spotify (still making my mind up about spotify, good or bad.. hmm... ) and while listening to the lovely mr Hay, sniggering to myself (I do not giggle.. never giggle. I might cackle, laugh out loud, bray, make the "seal shot with automatic weapon, or jettison beverage of choice out my nose, but I do NOT giggle)
anyway.. where was I?
working.. again. Atleast its fun work on a saturday night. Hope you are all well, and that life is good.

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saturday in the dark... (0)

Saturday, November 21, 2009 by , under ,

Currently we're going through one of those very dark grey days, and I'm talking about the actual weather now, not state of mind. Allthough, admittedly it's not like this puts a spring in your step and a song on your lips. Currently sitting with my feet so far down my big sock-slippers I might just never get them out again. I'll be foot loose.. he he he.. and yes, the bad jokes are a direct side effect to not having seen the sun today. had my Porrige today - pictoral evidence on show - and will start working again soon. its 4 pm might I add... better late then never yes? besides, concidering the lack of sun there's no difference for us keep unsocial hours and working at night. :)
hope all is well out there, i'm now going to get the dishes done from breakfast .. or lunch.. or a really weird dinner.. depending if breakfast is the first meal of your day (break fast.. surely that is the case?) or if it's a description of the time of day you eat your food? Any takes on that conundrum (since I do not feel like wikipedying myself today)
now suck on that little spoon of though and get back to me. I'm off to get my oversized knitted seater and possibly a cuppa. I love grey days!

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gnomes invading the house (0)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 by , under , , , ,

My lovely mother in law sent us a pack of "pyssel"... crafts bascially, where you get this pack of things that are supose to be put together in a way that it looks like what's on the front of the box. I did pretty well I think! The rest of the Andersson/willbeck/Nilssons (Loves' side of the family tree) had the annual meeting where they glued, painted and stiched together stuff on one side of skype, while we were left sitting infront of the computer trying to not glue ourselves together to the wooden peggs that was the naked gnome/elf.

The house is now beeing over run by little crafty gnomes. In swedish they are called "tomtar", they used to be part of our storie tellings and mythology. They would live close to humans, usually in the barn or underneath the house, and if you were kind to them they would help you out with choores and keep the home stead safe, if you did not leave the food offerings out on the stoop you'd end up with your cows going sick, having the milk go sour and the chimney colaps.

Currently I'm trying to do a rough calculation on how much porrige I need to make for them to take care of the house work.. hmm... concidering we do not own any livestock, and the need to for a clean chimeney is quite redundant I'm hoping they'll be ok with living on the usual scurvy diet :D

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just a quick sign of life... (0)

Sunday, November 15, 2009 by , under , ,

I've just done 12 hours of transcription, my brian is comming out of my ears, my eyes a bleeding and my arms are falling out of their sockets, but hey, atleast it's good money.
I'm such a slut for rent money :P
today: been to holland park.
pictoral evidence to the.. eh.. *thinking* left?
I cant point right now so just go with the flow ok?
had a lovely day in the sunshine, got back around 12 and sat down to the dreary reality of puttin other peoples words into text. Swedish to english. But hey, cant complain, it goes to a good cause (roof over our heads and food in our tummies) so now i'm going back to it. Hope you all are enjoying your sunday!

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ooops.. 1

Friday, November 06, 2009 by , under ,

my bad..
3 weeks and not a single line of sarcasm.. or bad spelling.
My bad!
my excuse:
too much snot.. me and Love tend not to lay off the snogging even when snotty as hell so we've been bouncing the flu/cold back and forth beteween us. That and the lack of sleep since Love tends to breath very quietly when he's sick (instead of the lovely growly snore that keeps me happy) i've been waking up at every ´hour just to dig my nails into him to check that he's alive... hmm.. yes.. very resting.. :P
and now.. well .. I've said goodbye to my best friends.. again..
Today is my fourth day without a healthy filter between me and the rest of the world. meaning I work very hard not to headbutt ppl when walking down the street.
I'm also back to stalking smokers (or "my ppl" as I like to think of them) while sniffing like a happy bloodhound. Yes.. sad.. and not so slightly weird.. :/
I miss my ciggies...
picture above is taken with the webcam ontop of my screen, out the window.. i've got a pretty nice view when working (and able to pull my eyes up from the shiny stuff)
oh and please go check this out:
www. majesty2.com
we've done good :)

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