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Friday, November 06, 2009 by , under ,

my bad..
3 weeks and not a single line of sarcasm.. or bad spelling.
My bad!
my excuse:
too much snot.. me and Love tend not to lay off the snogging even when snotty as hell so we've been bouncing the flu/cold back and forth beteween us. That and the lack of sleep since Love tends to breath very quietly when he's sick (instead of the lovely growly snore that keeps me happy) i've been waking up at every ´hour just to dig my nails into him to check that he's alive... hmm.. yes.. very resting.. :P
and now.. well .. I've said goodbye to my best friends.. again..
Today is my fourth day without a healthy filter between me and the rest of the world. meaning I work very hard not to headbutt ppl when walking down the street.
I'm also back to stalking smokers (or "my ppl" as I like to think of them) while sniffing like a happy bloodhound. Yes.. sad.. and not so slightly weird.. :/
I miss my ciggies...
picture above is taken with the webcam ontop of my screen, out the window.. i've got a pretty nice view when working (and able to pull my eyes up from the shiny stuff)
oh and please go check this out:
www. majesty2.com
we've done good :)

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Matt on 7 November 2009 at 06:18

The Majesty 2 looks awesome! Great job. It is nice to have you back to blogging. I was going into withdrawals.


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