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Tuesday, November 17, 2009 by , under , , , ,

My lovely mother in law sent us a pack of "pyssel"... crafts bascially, where you get this pack of things that are supose to be put together in a way that it looks like what's on the front of the box. I did pretty well I think! The rest of the Andersson/willbeck/Nilssons (Loves' side of the family tree) had the annual meeting where they glued, painted and stiched together stuff on one side of skype, while we were left sitting infront of the computer trying to not glue ourselves together to the wooden peggs that was the naked gnome/elf.

The house is now beeing over run by little crafty gnomes. In swedish they are called "tomtar", they used to be part of our storie tellings and mythology. They would live close to humans, usually in the barn or underneath the house, and if you were kind to them they would help you out with choores and keep the home stead safe, if you did not leave the food offerings out on the stoop you'd end up with your cows going sick, having the milk go sour and the chimney colaps.

Currently I'm trying to do a rough calculation on how much porrige I need to make for them to take care of the house work.. hmm... concidering we do not own any livestock, and the need to for a clean chimeney is quite redundant I'm hoping they'll be ok with living on the usual scurvy diet :D

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