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Saturday, November 21, 2009 by , under ,

Currently we're going through one of those very dark grey days, and I'm talking about the actual weather now, not state of mind. Allthough, admittedly it's not like this puts a spring in your step and a song on your lips. Currently sitting with my feet so far down my big sock-slippers I might just never get them out again. I'll be foot loose.. he he he.. and yes, the bad jokes are a direct side effect to not having seen the sun today. had my Porrige today - pictoral evidence on show - and will start working again soon. its 4 pm might I add... better late then never yes? besides, concidering the lack of sun there's no difference for us keep unsocial hours and working at night. :)
hope all is well out there, i'm now going to get the dishes done from breakfast .. or lunch.. or a really weird dinner.. depending if breakfast is the first meal of your day (break fast.. surely that is the case?) or if it's a description of the time of day you eat your food? Any takes on that conundrum (since I do not feel like wikipedying myself today)
now suck on that little spoon of though and get back to me. I'm off to get my oversized knitted seater and possibly a cuppa. I love grey days!

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