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frying and battering... (2)

Monday, November 30, 2009 by , under , ,

I had a computer crash - the kind where you have your hardrive fried, battered and then served up for prosparity- about a year ago. Ended up paying (worth every penny!) 120 something pounds to the lovely guys at Fulham computer Heroes (will find their real name sometime and give them the cread they deserve) for them to save all my images and files and .. well, life to be honest. If I loose my computer I loose not only the will to live but the means to do so as well. So when my computer had a little hickup a couple of seconds ago I reacted as any card-carrying nerd would, I'm now sitting and waiting for safety copy to be done and dusted. And since I cant do anything with my work files since they are beeing processed I'll just spend some time in here, updating people on the mundane reality of my life. Computer computer computer :)
Winter is comming to London though. Now that we're back at actually putting our feet outside the house and walking atleast 2 hours aday again (cheap therapy! ) I'm quickly realizing that my lovely - and worne as close to oblivion as humany possible without creating negative space and sucking the world into a black hole - summer shoes are no longer accepted from my toes point of view (from far down and freezing that is.. the point of view I mean) So now we're back to having to find matching socks again. Buggerit .. I need to invest in simple one-coloured socks again. I have a small addiction to "cute socks"... Since I can't afford (and I'm also biologically unable to.. chubby wide feat do not get to wear fancy girly shoes) a shoe fetish I'm doing the budget variety and buying socks. All colours, varieties and if possible some kind of cute image on there and its mine. This however turns laundry days into the memory game from hell.
Anyway, will stop bitching about laundy (need to do some tomorrow again) and get back to the weather (a very english topic i've noticed) It is cold. As in "pretend your a dragon cos white smoke is comming out of your mouth" kind of cold. WE LIKE!!!!
Nothing better than going out for a good hour at night stalking (or shuffling) around the streets of notting hill and getting your cheaks (the facial type people) all pink and tingly before getting back home to a toasty apartment and dunk a cuppa down while settling down to work. Or in my case, settling down to safety copying.
hope you are all well out there and that life is sweet. I'm gonna get me some more PG tips and spend another half hour wathing the "compleation bar" for the safety thinge. Simple pleasures of life!

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2 Reply to "frying and battering..."

Matt on 5 December 2009 at 16:00

Ha! I really like your writing Megs... "back to having to find matching socks again." For some reason I find this to be absolutely hilarious.


Madz on 6 December 2009 at 12:08

my sweet, that just means you do not know the horror of it! :D
"one pink teddy bear with stripes"... "one green kitten, yellow stripes"... "one purple/grey.. stripes".. "two teddy bears and a candycane".. wgere did that panda come from???? "... :P :D


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