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finding family in forgotten folders... (5)

Thursday, October 15, 2009 by , under , , ,

Here's a small note about my family. Above you have pictures of me and my two brothers. Taken on a family vacation (hell) into Denmark. It was that when going into Legoland we all needed photo id on our tickets (good old 80's). I guess it was that just incase we got lost they'd be able to return us to whom-ever.. but anyway. My parents then paraded us over to the local photobooth. Where it turned out that it cost a good deal over 140 Swedish crowns. Per person (3 photos) and my father beeing very cheap (or in his own mind.. brilliant) came up with a solution that would leave some spending cash instead of having 9 pictures of his allready thouroughly documented children (in my parent house there are thousands of pictures of us. Seriously. We're well documentated) any-ooooo.
So he lines us up out side. I'm first ( you can see his arm in the picture to the right) where he's got a good firm grip at the back of my jacket. As soon as the flash goes off out I popp, and in goes brother nr 2 (mattias). Please note the facial expression.
Flash goes off, Mattias is tossed into my mothers waiting arms and in goes junior, (thomas) the baby of the family. Again you can see my fathers arm in the background as well as the drape of the doorway. And ofcourse the face of a very confused child going "what-da-#")¤(=(/&%="..
As you can imagine we we're surounded by lauging danish(es?.. who do you put a plural to danish? the people, not the pastry.)

So thats one family moment worth recalling yes?
I found the compilations of the photos in my parents house a couple of years ago. Turns out my fathers idea did not really save him that much money, since once my mother had stopped laughing and actually got her mitts on the photos, she would not give them up again.

So they joined the multitude of other pictures in drawers, books and cardboard boxes and stowed away for posterity.

Oh and I miss my family.

Might as well introduce my brothers to you as well. I'm the oldest (you can tell by the bossy and over protective nature of me) that i'm used to bullying brothers and ofcourse getting them out of trouble.
My middle brother is Mattias. He's all of 11 months younger then me.
Yes, my parents were dilligent and productive and apparently in love.
Then again the youngest (Thomas) is only 2 years and 2 months younger then me.
So yes... 3 years.
3 births..
Now fastforward (not that birth is not a pretty painfull moment) but imagine having 3 teenagers in the same appartment at the same time. Now cringe!

Anyway, once I got over my (in my mind well founded) wish to kill my brothers and we no longer live in the same house (amazing how much more forgiving you are to others quirks when you dont have to share a bathroom or kitchen with them any more) we get along pretty darned good. We were pretty tight when we were younger too. Not to say we did not fight. Fighting was a passtime excersised at any oppertunity, but noone got to beat on my brothers but me. Not even between themselves.

Anyway. gonna get of the memory lane express, get back to work and back to eating my aspirins. Got that damned cold that just wont go away. Have a lovely evening all and yonder.
Love and snot out of London //

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Matt on 16 October 2009 at 21:28

Lovely post! Those pictures are fantastic... I was not nearly so well documented, so I cherish the photos I have from when I was little.

And, I totally agree about the learning to like family once you move away from them.


Madz on 18 October 2009 at 09:33

hmm... the prerogative to forget those horrible fashion blunders from the eighties? you are truly blessed ;) But its really nice, I tend to dig them out now everytime i'm back in sweden. Before I was more of the "hide them if possible" variety :D

and yes, brothers/syblings are less abressive when you'r not sharing space with them :P I moved out when I was 16 (with mums blessing, i got a lot of food packages every week :D ) so the fighting ended pretty fast, but still. :P


Lady P on 19 October 2009 at 22:19

i love the story - by the time you get to the third shot of your youngest brother he looks like "whaaaat?" hilarious! i can see why your mother was laughing up a storm. what great memories you are sharing. so sorry as not to have been around for awhile. babysitting for my sis, doing odd jobs for money, and then on the one spare day - walling myself off from the world. plan to do it again as well - like it a lot, and seem to like people less at that time. go figure.


Lady P on 21 October 2009 at 17:04

ahhh - what a time we are going through - eecch! i am babysitting my niece and the early hours and long days are wrecking havoc with the rest of my like and my beauty sleep! and my mom(grandma) is quite content to sit back and let me take on the brunt of the nappies and cooking (well, i guess she did enough of that stuff in her day already!) so i have so little energy or time to take care of the rest of my life - drat! but i l o v e the time that i am spending with my niece - she is a pistol! so smart and funny and good spirited - making memories for auntie everyday i am with her. :)


Lady P on 6 November 2009 at 00:00

okay, i will admit it - i feel off the blogging wagon for awhile, i am ashamed that it has been over 2 weeks (what??!!) since I left a comment here - but how the hell are you? where the hell are you? poke poke
are you out there still, dear Madzia??


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