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Monday, October 12, 2009 by , under ,

Love is asleep (or faking it, he usually cant snooze without the "tugg of the blanket" or "knee in the kidney " type of companionship I offer. I need to snooze too soon. Love also claims that I snoore.. I put it down to liable and if we did not have a shared bank account he'd be sued allready. I do however admit to extencive monologues and grumping while sleeping. I'll give him that.
Anyway, have been infused with a smidgen of more kultural note, watching Jean Eyerie on the computer (ITV, on demand) and allthough I have read the book I've never seen the film. Old thing. But truly lovely. And who how can you not adore a proper english costume drama? Got me thinking though. All great love stories are always so. well.. heavy. Theirs always a price to pay. (in this instance there was the face and sight of .. eh.. whats-his-name.. main character.. oh bugger) and there's always this big hurdles and missunderstandings. And thinking of me and Love's time together I'm happy to say we've had none of that drama.. Nothing. Seriously, the last time we had a fight was in the first year we were together, and as it goes with those things I can't even remember what it was about. And after that it's been to easy almost. I've come to expect some kind of balansing out of the bill so to speak. It might be that our lack of money is the pedulum balance. Since we never seem to have any. But not even when things are at its worse do we take our gloves off (or put them on) and have it out with each other. Maybe its just not in our build up. Allthough with just about anyone else i'd have reduced them to minced meat and made meatballs. The fun part is that just about everyone else is (family, friends.. ppl i've known for a long time.. my mum is very much included in this group) know me as the .. well lets say "not the most easy going person". I tend to be very short and cold with ppl I dont like. I dont suffer fools (or clown's, theyre creepy) and I tend to be come down on rudness and idiocy quite hard. And Love sees me as the cuddle bunny delux. So who am I really? the bitchy-bitch-bitch or the cuddle? If majority rules (and we do live in a democracy so by all means, it should) then Love is wrong isnt he? Should I let him know about it? He hates beeing wrong *grins*
anyway, thats enough navel gazing for a bit. I shoudl go claim my 80% of the bed (yes, I do a perfect sea-star impression when I want to) Hope your both well out there. As it is now, these bloggies have become something of an open e-mail to Lady P and Matt. I kind of like it. It's live having a not so secret - secret club huh? *grins*
I'm not quite sure who else comes on here since they do not leave any messages *cough* but just so you know, join in the blabber. Oh and go check out the lovliest bloggers online too (their in the list). Okej.. thats it.. Sleep. Monday night is ontop of us all (atleast on this side of the globe... )
Nighty night!

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Lady P on 13 October 2009 at 18:28

oh dearie! thanks so much for coming along, punching me in the arm to get some fall color on the blog for you. i was sick for a few days and just haven't found my blissful creative side for awhile on the blog now. I too, have been doing some cultural dvd watching - i just finished the "jane eyre" with toby stephens in it (dashing bit of yummy manhood there!) hope that you get finances soon - it kills me to hear that you are down to your nubbins. thank god for my mum living close to me this year- i have had no luck finding a job and have had to have a little help these last two months, whew!! talk to you soon -:)


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