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Monday, October 12, 2009 by , under

Saturday was sleept away, more then swept away.. 16 hours, on full tilt. Blissfull. that ofcourse did not mean we did not work at night again.. or that we actually got any time off (sleept away time off does not count, hontestly) so we're back at square one. Need some seriouse time off. Today will be half a day off. Wohoooo! But more work tonight.
So except for work, have not been doing much. Small reflections over small things, like how much fun it is to drive Love just a little little bit mad. One of my favourites: putting my fingers in his ears when he least expects it.. And yes, its ok to think "poor man".. most ppl do :)
anyway, gonna get a nother cuppa.. one of millions down now that I sound like a bad Janis Jopplin doubble (got a cold again) and i'll get back to work. Wohoo! and possibly some ear poking *grins* gotta keep the spritis up (or just Loves hackles.. hmm.. either is good! )

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