Daily Dose of Doom

Venting and verbal nosepicking.. Wanna see?

a picture of a sunny street (not the case today.. today its raining cats, dogs and assorted farm animals) and in the background you can see the partition that the gas ppl put up.

The gas ppl that ended up shutting our gas off for 6 days.

No gas means no heated water. no gas means no heating in the house. So in short we've been OD-ing on tea candles (the swedish word is "värme ljus" meaning warming light. .. very fitting I'd say since that's all we've had for warmth now that fall has kicked down the door and entered the premises) also doing dishes in cold water does not compute. Specially since my arthritis gets a kick out of it.
Add that to the fact that I did not get a singe warm bath (mainly my way of actually waking up and beeing able to move at all) I've been a very very grumpy and very very tired person.
And yes.. the work has been plentifull!
go here to see the latest: www.majesty2.com. got 2 more to go that we're doing the last couple of details on but I'll post them up later ;)

So between the work, the boiling of a 1000 tons of water and lighting of tea-candles and grumbling I have horribly neglected my poor blogg.
I have however picked up a new hobby. Harrassing the man (boy really.. ) that's been calling on our door to get the gas shut off, and despite beeing reminded by me, several times, to turn it back on, has been a total numb-nut and "forgotten".. So i've got a nice chilled halibut in my handbag every time I go out now, just in case i feel like smacking him around a bit before beeing on my way.

With that beeing said, i'm now gonna go and enjoy a long warm soak, a long chat with the resident rubber ducks, and after that I need to go get me more tea candles.. Better to be safe than sorry..

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Matt on 6 October 2009 at 11:32

No hot water for 6 days?!? WTF? I don't know ow you survived. I am totally dependent on my hot bath in the morning.


Madz on 6 October 2009 at 13:23

sadly so am I.. and I did, but the gas-man will not *growl* its been like living in the early 1900's.. amazing how anyone got ANYTHING done.. to do dishes: 20-30 minutes, just to get the water for washing cooked and ready. and ofcourse since you cant rince you have to do everything in one go and then move on to rincing it in cold water. was a joy.. :7 and we're not even getting started on the frostbite :P


Lady P on 6 October 2009 at 15:07

warm water and a bracing cup of tea are how i even begin to navigate my day - must have felt like you were camping - did you think about installing a campfire at all? burn the numbskull at the stake for his horrid memory
ugh! no wonder we haven't heard from you!


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