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the invasion of the duracell ladies.. (3)

Sunday, December 06, 2009 by , under , , ,

We survived!!!
We have worn out nubs for feet and I'll probably never again walk straight but we survived!
My most darling mother-in-law and my favourite aunties-in-law were visiting for 4 days and we we are seeping blood out of our toes but it's been lovely! Allthough the english weather showed itself up by raining the whole of wednesday and then having light showers on thursday, that did NOT stop the duracell trio in any way. And here is a small explanation to the name of "duracell ladies": they walk.. and walk .. and walk.. They are one and all conciderably shorter than me, right about elbow height. I'm not a gigant, I measure up to 5.7 (foot) which is then 1.70 meters. They are about 1.5 meters. munchins! but they still walk faster and foor longer than I ever would. And I've done 14 hour sales jobs where I walk from door to door, but I do not stand a chance with these ladies.
But it's been lovely, they are all of quick witt and sharp tongued (just the way we like our women!) and they are enormouse fun to be around. Anyway, I'm now gonna try to get some more tissue paper for my poor nose (caught a cold running after them) and get back to work. Been sleeping like a dead puppy every night due to all the fresh air and.. yes.. walking.. and now we're back to our mellow nerdy existance of walking 2 hours a day. Life is boring without them.
Looking forward to x-mas though. The hugfest will continue!
Oh and the above picture is from covent garden, they do great x-mas lighting every year.
jiinglle bells, batman smells, rooooobin layed aaaan eeeeeeggg
the baaaatmobile loooost it's wheeeels
and the jooooker got aaaway, Hey!
we've also been mind-whiped by the constant flow of x-mas jingles. Love was so far gone he actually said this (in bed no less) to me... it almost made me cry. He said: "clif richards is king"... Granted it was after a long battle of the mind-rubb (where you try to rubb what ever crap is going on in your own head, against the brain of the other, so that you do not suffer alone). A mind rub is basically just about humming what ever is haunting you (in my case it was a viciouse case of "rudolf the red nosed reindeer") when Love counted striked with the horrid "mistletoe and wine" by sir clif... Damned it...
Not fair!
The battle continues!

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3 Reply to "the invasion of the duracell ladies.."

Matt on 9 December 2009 at 12:05

Sounds awesome! These high endurance walkers wear me out, but you sure see a lot.


Madz on 9 December 2009 at 16:33

It was! I still have no feeling in my feet (thank god!) but it was truly lovely. Allthough my darling mother-in-law left me with a bug, so i've been doing the snotty thing again (imported bugs, so very kitchy.. :)
How is life on your side of the puddle sweets? when is the baby due?


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